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We drive our clients’ products and services to market faster and easier, in ways that exceed expectations and deliver long term value.

Established in 2008, Infusion Partners LLC was founded by an experienced group of former Fortune 500 Senior Wireless and Media Executives and is headquartered on the West Coast. The genesis of Infusion Partners originated from our personal real-world experiences hiring traditional consulting services.

We believe there is a market for a new kind of firm. Our services provide more value to clients by combining competitive pricing, superior service levels and accelerated execution to all internal business functions. Typical consultants enter with the “Partner Sell” approach that generally delivers a large amount of theory and methodology. Although informative, this approach seldom provides much in the way of execution focused deliverables.

Infusion Partners’ approach is focused around four core principle areas required for any successful business venture: Market Edge, Money, Management and Access ™. 

Through our proprietary Infusion Assessment and Validation Process, we quickly enter an organization, baseline the business model and make clear and concise performance driven recommendations. Our recommendations enable executive decision making that delivers measurable results and mitigates unnecessary risk. 

With our extensive operator and industry background, we deliver on a brand promise of actionable advice informing our clients with practical, real-time execution and targeted acceleration strategies. Our methodology is to quickly work with our clients to identify and attack problems while optimizing opportunities in a straightforward way. We use a proven accelerated engagement and assessment process to identify weaknesses, potential pitfalls and highlight opportunities. This enables proactive contingency planning and course correction that ultimately delivers winning business outcomes and results.

Each client benefits from a senior level professional with at least 25 years of practical business experience and transferrable skills. Providing our clients access to this high level of talent allows both large and small organizations the ability to leverage Infusion Interim Resources and consultants in a complimentary way. We deliver trusted advisory relationships, minimizing core distraction and time consuming disruption that can occur when utilizing traditional consultants. 

Our industry experts work to grow your business to its full potential. We provide services across the entire Mobile, Media, Tech and Retail value chains including business development, strategic planning, organizational development, M & A diligence and integration services, sales and marketing, operational execution and executive-level thought leadership.


With our extensive Technology, Services, Consumer, Enterprise and Retail industry background, we deliver a brand promise of actionable advice that informs practical, real-time execution and targeted acceleration of your Go-to market strategies in North America, Asia, and Europe. 


  • Business Services Safety Net™
  • Competitive pricing and superior service levels

  • A proprietary Infusion Validation & Assessment™ process

  • Innovative strategy creation and integration

  • Performance driven recommendations focused on four key areas:  Market Edge, Money, Management, and Access™

  • An integrated approach for assessing and strategically aligning the impacts of any business initiative across the organization

  • Infusion Interim Executive Management™

  • We have senior level talent who have led organizations during times of start-up, accelerated growth stability and turnaround