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Who We Are

From start-ups to Fortune 50 Companies, Infusion Partners has a long record of driving revenue-producing results through innovation, activation, and acceleration. We’re a unique, rapid response global business acceleration/management consulting firm that specializes in last mile execution strategies for companies of all sizes and needs including: product, platform service, channel marketing and distribution, IoT entry, IoE, cloud, and mobility platform based solutions.

Our team of top achievers from the telecom and retail industries deploys its average 25 plus years of experience and enviable C-suite contacts to build revenue, relationships and best business models for clients. By quickly identifying challenges and solutions, we bring products, services and platforms to market, expanding market potential and supplying turn key management of newly established global initiatives.

Here is How We're Different

  • Our team’s experiences, contacts, and relationships in the telecom and retail industries are deep and trusted.
  • We operate like a special forces team tactically driving results, not endless suggestions, documents, or decks.
  • Clients work direct with our executive level team; each member carefully selected for domain strength and capabilities.
  • We are strategic, nimble, and quick to understand goals and challenges and can work with all personalities.
  • After performing the work and achieving results, we build our clients’ confidence and skills to take over instead of creating a long term dependency on consultants.





Fax: 503.699.5450

Our credentials

  • An average of 25 plus years experience in telecom, wireless, content and other management leadership.
  • Multiple network operator and service provider launches.
  • Entrepreneurs and former Fortune 500 Executives with deep experience in launching technology, product, service and platform companies.
  • Multiple technology patents.
  • Domain experts in go-to-market services including Core, Consumer Products, Enterprise, Wholesale, Retail and Digital Distribution.
  • Highly educated team with advanced and additional degrees in Finance, Accounting, Technology and Strategy as well as Certified Public Accounting credentials.


  • Executive level team members who show up to sell the work are there to deliver the work. 
  • We work as an extension of our client and as if the client’s Company is our own.
  • We deliver real world execution tactics, leaving behind a confident, skilled, self-sufficient client that is not dependent on consultants.
  • As business dynamics present new situations, we’re able to quickly adapt to meet the changing needs of clients.

Safety Net

  • Our Safety Net: 

To ensure the success of our recommendations and work, we support each client with a Safety Net outside our scope of work. This is a critical, integrated approach for accessing and aligning the impact of any business initiative across the entire organization. It’s based on the disciplines of Corporate Governance, Communications and Planning and Best Practices and supported by these four pillars of services provided by Infusion Partners:

  • Business Planning
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Sales/Marketing


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From start-ups to Fortune 50 Companies, Infusion Partners provides innovation, activation and acceleration to some of the most innovative and emerging companies in the world today.

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